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Премия рунета 2017

In the Year of Salmon the Amur River basin widely celebrated World Water Day

22 march 2019
The “wave” of events devoted to the conservation of water resources and salmon species united 2500 people in the Amur ecoregion.

World Water Day is a special holiday for 5 provinces in the Amur River basin. The Amur River is one of the richest in salmon species rivers of Eurasia. Three species of pacific salmon spanw here:  chum, humpback salmon and masu salmon. Freshwater salmon species are taimen, lenok, malma trout, grayling and Ussuri whitefish.

Wild salmon populations suffer from overfishing, poaching, forest cutting on riverbanks, development of mining projects. With such trends we may find salmon in the list of endangered species very soon. 

International Year of the Salmon - 2019
“World Water Day is a great opportunity for our partners to share their concerns on water and fish resources conservation. This issue is very important for local people living on the spawning rivers where salmon is an indicator of water purity and human well-being. – comments Olga Cheblukova, coordinator of the Year of the Salmon campaign at WWF Russia Amur branch.

Public campaign “Save wild salmon!” was organized by 9 NGOs and 20 nature reserves in Primorsky, Khabarovsky, Zabaikalsky, Amurskaya and Evreiskaya provinces with support of WWF Russia.

Komsomolsky Nature Reserve has opened a unique traveling photo exhibition “Salmon, which we can lose” in Khabarovsky province in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Museum of Fine Arts. This exhibition starts in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and will continue to work in other regions of the Far East. 

The student nature protection brigade “NEI” together with Komsomolsky Nature Reserve, organized an environmental holiday “Water Day”. Students traditionally took part in games, contests and quizzes.

The staff of Bolonsky Nature Reserve conducted an informative-game for schoolchildren “Salmon is the fish of the world” in Amursk city.

Zeysky Nature Reserve in Amurskaya province organized a bright festival “Underwater Carnival”. This costume party was prepared by children and their parents. Young actors presented 60 costumes on the stage. The program also included fun sports games, creative workshops and handicraft exhibition.

Bastak Nature Reserve in Evreiskaya province, together with the Department of Water Resources of the Amur Basin Water Administration of Evreiskaya province, conducted an educational classes for 5–7 grade students. The children learned about the history of the World Water Day, the water resources of the region, the Year of Salmon and the salmon species that inhabit the Amur River and its tributaries. The kids took part in the interactive game “Experts of the Amur Basin”.

“Berkut” student nature protection brigade organized the quest game “In the World of Wetlands”. The students learned interesting information about salmon and answered the quiz questions.

In Zabaikalsky province, Alkhanai National Park held a quest game “To the sources of Amur: the journey of fish”. School teams will play by stations named by the rivers of the Amur basin. Each station - a task on the knowledge of the fish of the Amur River, local rivers, their habitats and the ecology of water systems.
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Project Coordinator of Protected Areas Unit, WWF Russia Amur Branch