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Two Regional Protected Areas Got All-terrain Vehicles

30 april 2020
Recently established Komissarovsky Wildlife Refuge and Khasansky Nature Park got two ATVs Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS 2020 to protect their territories which are home for the Amur tigers and Amur leopards.

The off-roaders will be employed for patrolling and protection, for ungulates management activities, and for counting animals to further put in place the effort on their monitoring.

Komissarovsky Nature Refuge and Khasansky Nature Park are key areas in Primorye for rare animals conservation. They are not part of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range and are important for transboundary conservation.

The first one created with WWF’s support borders with two Chinese protected areas - Fenghuangshan and Niaoqingshan - connecting them into one ecological corridor. Khasansky Nature Park being the southernmost PA in Primorye and located close to the border with North Korea and China plays a very important role for conservation of birds and biodiversity in general. It serves as a “road” and stopover for millions migrating birds that fly along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Both Russian PAs are important for tigers and leopards translocations.

According to the data, in Komissarovsky WR there are 3-5 tigers. From WWF’s perspective, well preserved forests can become home for the Amur leopard that settle from the southwestern Primorye. 

The vehicles were bought with VTB bank’s funds as part of the Conservation of Rare Cats of Russia project. Earlier, the technical support was also provided to the Bikin National Park, the joint directorate of Lazovsky Nature Reserve and Zov Tigra (Call of the Tiger) National Park, to the Ussuriisky Nature Reserve, the federal entity Zapovednoye Priamurye, Sikhote-Alinsky Nature Reserve, Khabarovsky Region Forestry Department, Primorsky Region Wildlife Management Department, TIGR Rehabilitation Centre (in Alekseevka), for Directorates for Protection of Fauna and PAs of Evreiskaya, Khabarovsky, and Primorsky Regions. The overall sum received from VTB over three years is almost 34 million rubles.

Work of tiger conservation is being conducted in cooperation with the Amur Tiger Centre.

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