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One more Far Eastern power grid company (DRSK) joined actions on Oriental stork conservation

03 march 2021
DRSK company has approved a five-year program to protect rare birds from electric shock. The program was developed basing on data on the Oriental storks breeding sites in the Amur basin, provided by WWF Russia, and became the result of many years of cooperation between power engineers and WWF.

Action plan of the program includes protection power lines from biological damage as a result of the Oriental stork breeding on electric towers. This year, DRSK power engineers will install more than 7,000 (and 28,000 in total by 2025) protective devices on power transmission poles in the Amur region, preventing the birds from landing on bare wires. This protection will reduce bird mortality from electric shock. Power engineers will also insulate the wires on the towers with stork nests to avoid short circuits. DRSK plans to spend about 35 million rubles on bird protection devices and wire insulation.


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