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Премия рунета 2017

Salmon Marathon unites cities and villages

17 october 2019
The Marathon was organized by WWF in cooperation with the Far Eastern protected areas and the local grassroots to mark in the Amur River basin the International Year for the Salmon. It started in September in Nikolaevsk-na-Amure which is on the mouth of the Amur River.

100 plush fish were moving up the stream following the route of the real salmon which head its spawning sites in the fall. Within a month the plush shoal entered lots of cities and villages splitting up leaving only 16 toys to get to Khabarovsk. After that one part of the small fish group went to Evreiskaya and Amurskaya Oblasts while the other headed Primorsky Region.  

Plush salmon travel in the Amur River basin
"Khekhtsyr" student nature protection brigade

The main idea of the action is to draw attention of decision makers to tame measures to regulate the salmon catch and distribute the fishing pressure in the Amur. The situation is paradoxical when legal fishermen having exhausted the catch quote in the lower reaches leave the spawning grounds up the stream bare. To stabilize the state of things in the Amur it is obligatory to register the real filling of the spawning grounds upon ending the fishing season. 

Plush salmon at the press conference in Khabarovsk
United Directorate Zapovednoye Priamurye
October 5. The village of Luchegorsk, Primorsky Krai. The local NGO Pervotsvet took up the Marathon baton from the students' brigade on nature protection Khekhtzir from Khabarovsk who brought four plush chum salmons. Over 150 kids and grownups gathered on the main square to enjoy a theatrical performance, a thematic concert, and to take part in a flash mob.
Salmon marathon in Luchegorsk village
Marina Lifanova

October 8. Birobidzhan, Evreiskaya Oblast. The students' brigade on nature protection Berkut, NGO Bagulnik and the local secondary schools’ kids participated in a quest and “saved” two salmons meshed in the nets. 

October 15. Blagoveshensk, Amurskaya Oblast. The students' brigade on nature protection Berkut brought two salmons for the opening ceremony of a photo exhibition “Salmon that we can lose” hosted by the State Pedagogical Institute. Over 30 unique pictures were on display. 

Ceremony of handing over plush salmon from "Berkut" student nature protection brigade (Evreiskaya province) to "Bars" brigade (Amurskaya province)
"Bars" student nature protection brigade

October 15. Ussuriisk, Primorsky Krai. Costumed parade with flags, banners, and rhymed slogans in support of the Pacific salmon species marched along the main street of the city. Organized by the students' brigade on nature protection Tis the parade gathered about 200 kids, students, teachers and tutors, representatives of the Ussuriisky Nature Reserve, and the State Agricultural Academy.

Salmon marathon finished in Ussuriisk city with active participation of TIS student brigade
Elena Starostina / WWF Russia
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