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Премия рунета 2017

Smugglers found guilty in attempt of trafficking a large party of wildlife derivatives

01 march 2019
A district court of Primorsky Province found guilty a criminal international group for the attempt of smuggling claws, paws and other parts of black and brown bears, Amur tiger’ pelt, skeleton and claws, as well as amber, arms and armaments. Three criminals were condemned to 58 months in jail. A 48 y.o. woman who also belonged to the group was sentenced to 42 months in jail and USD 20K fine.
The court found that the residents of China joined the organized criminal group to smuggle goods from Russia to China. The group planned to carry the batch across the Russian border. Thanks to the efforts of the Far Eastern Customs and Security Service of Primorsky Province this attempt was prevented, the criminals were detained. The total amount of the confiscated batch is estimated at USD 760K. 
“Punishment for a crime is the climax element of justice. This time the justice was served –criminals got real jail terms, notes Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF Russia Amur branch. “Unfortunately we have to admit that fraudsters have no morals and use any means to fulfill their criminal intentions in spite of the protective status of wildlife items they are interested in. We hope that the punishment for further cases against poachers, smugglers, middlemen will fit their crimes”.
The expertise was carried out by the experts of the Amur Tiger Centre
Far Eastern Customs Service / the Amur Tiger Centre
“The terms of imprisonment for these criminals are quite an adequate punishment. It is important that the law enforcement agencies keep revealing cases of contraband in wildlife species and punishing the smugglers. We hope that the guilty verdicts will stop those criminals who are planning to make business on the blood of rare animals. Moreover, in the future the punishment for such crimes will be toughened, comments Sergei Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Centre.

Let us recall that on 26-27 January, 2018 the Far Easter Customs jointly with the Border Service and Security Service of Primorsky Province blocked the large crime channel in Khankaisky District. Thanks to the skillful actions of the operational group, it was possible to uncover the place where the smugglers planned to cross the border. As a result, two minivans and one jeep with a trailer were detained. The smugglers were planning to transport the contraband across frozen Khanka Lake, avoiding customs and check points.


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