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Премия рунета 2017

March for Parks in the Amur River basin has been celebrated under the flag of the Year of Salmon

22 april 2019
In the Year of Salmon, the traditional March for Parks became a part of WWF-Russia environmental education campaign “Save wild salmon” uniting 23 nature reserves and national parks, 6 student brigades and 5 NGOs in the southern Far East.
In the end of April, an international large-scale environmental campaign “March for Parks” takes place throughout Russia bringing together people who support and care of nature protected areas. Traditionally, clean-ups are organized on these days, competitions of propaganda teams and contests of drawings on environmental topics are held. In the Amur ecoregion all celebrations and activities on the Earth Day are devoted to the conservation of salmon.
Competition of environmental performances and propaganda teams in Khasansky district of Primorsky province
Flashmob "Blue ribbon" in Lazovsky Nature Reserve in Primorsky province
Eco rally in Zeisky Nature Reserve in Amurskaya province
Yana Gordeeva
Ecological brain ring in Bolonsky Nature Reserve in Khabarovsky province
Berkut student brigade organized a clean-up of the coastal territory of the Bira River
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Project Coordinator of Protected Areas Unit, WWF Russia Amur Branch