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“The Sources of the Amur River” – Russian-Mongolian Rally in the Year of Salmon

19 august 2019
The international children's environmental rally “Sources of the Amur River” took place in the Sokhondinsky Nature Reserve (Zabaikalsky province). It gathered schoolchildren from Russia and Mongolia, the winners of the international contest of creativity “Crystal waters of the Amur sources”.

Comments Viktor Yashnov, director of the Sokhondinsky Nature Reserve:

“We have been conducting an international children's rally for 15 years and we are going to continue this project. The main purpose of this meeting is to bring children and nature together, to introduce them to the nature reserve, to show the harmony of human and wildlife, to make them feel a part of nature, to understand the need to preserve wild taiga and pure rivers.”
Schoolchildren fro Mongolia and Russia at the rally "The Sources of the Amur River"
Sokhondo Nature Reserve

This year the rally was organized under the Year of Salmon announced by WWF in 2019. Russian and Mongolian schoolchildren know a lot about salmon species living in their rivers: taimen, lenok, grayling. To attend this event for schoolchildren from both countries is a high reward for their environmental work during the year. 

Gayanzorivg Bayanzhovkhlan, the participant from Mongolia shares here impressions of the rally:
“I’m thankful to the organizers for this opportunity to get here. This is my second visit to Russia. At my home in Mongolia I study birds such as white-naped crane. I have sent my drawing of this beautiful bird for the contest.”
“The Sources of the Amur River” – Russian-Mongolian Rally in the Year of Salmon
Sokhondo Nature Reserve

The program of the rally included a lot of activities such as workshops on making fish figures from cold porcelain, watching the documentary "The Sources of the Amur River", interactive games on environmental topics, for guests from Mongolia – the introduction to the Russian culture.

Comments Anna Serdyuk (Barma), Ph.D., senior project coordinator for protected areas of WWF Russia Amur Branch:

“The sources of the Amur River is a unique territory, it can only be preserved by joint efforts of two countries. Therefore, WWF-Russia and WWF-Mongolia support transboundary cooperation between protected areas - the Sokhondinsky Nature Reserve and the Onon-Balj National Park,” For more than 15 years these protected areas have been cooperating with each other. The project for the creation of the transboundary protected area “The Sources of the Amur” has been already prepared. Although a united transboundary protected area has not yet been established, the reserve’s staff every year work together to protect the border area and rare animals, conduct joint research and organize international events. We hope that this work will bring the moment of establishment of the transboundary protected area "The Sources of the Amur" closer, providing comprehensive protection of the ecosystems of the upper reaches of the Amur River and the possibility of a joint study of the Amur-Heilong ecoregion."
“The Sources of the Amur River” – Russian-Mongolian Rally in the Year of Salmon
Sokhondo Nature Reserve
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