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Премия рунета 2017

Model hunting estate provides training for game users

27 january 2017
By the initiative of WWF Russia, Amur Tiger Center and Hunting Department, Sinegorye Hunting Estate of Primorsky Province hosted a workshop on organizing supplementary feeding for wild ungulates in Amur tiger home range.

The lack of main nutrition resources such as Korean pine nuts and acorns, and high snow in some areas of Primorsky Province, cause a serious problem for wild ungulates in severe winter conditions. To preserve ungulates that make the basic food for the Amur tiger, it is necessary to take timely measures to increase hoofed animals numbers.

The workshop was attended by the representatives of 12 hunting estates of Primorsky Province as well as by the specialists of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province. Main issues were game population management, new business approaches to sustainable hunting management and big predators conservation. WWF’s model hunting estate Sinegorye demonstrated real possibilities of wild ungulates recovery and considerable increase in their numbers.  

Sinegorye hunting estate was established four years ago with WWF support. Today its work reached a high level and may serve as a demonstration site on sustainable game management, where there is enough prey both for rare cats and hunters. 

Winter brings hard times for hoofed animals
© Pavel Fomenko / WWF Russia
Field workshop for game users of Primorsky Province
© Pavel Fomenko / WWF Russia
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