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Pavel Fomenko from WWF Russia suffered in the accident during vaccination of Amur tigers

16 march 2018
Even in the enclosure the tiger remains a formidable predator. During the vaccination in Alekseevka Rehabilitation Center one of the tigers injured Pavel Fomenko, one of WWF-Russia Amur branch.

At present, there are six tigers in the rehabilitation center. And among them is tiger family: mom and her two cubs that were caught nearby the village of Aleksey-Nikolskoye.

Animals are regularly treated with veterinary inspection and other medical procedures. Such events are organized by the Primorsky Province Hunting Department, engaging veterinarians and experts from environmental organizations. So on March 13 during a routine vaccination of tigers. Pavel Fomenko, an honored worker of nature conservation in Russia, the man devoted 30 years of his life to the preservation of the Amur tiger, participated in it as usual according to a many-year tradition.

At some moment, Pavel Fomenko found himself in the insecure territory of the enclosure. The tigress from Aleksey-Nikolskoye regarded his close presence as a threat and rushed to protect her cubs. The attack was short, but the tigress did injured Pavel.

“The tigress is not to blame. This is a typical behavior of a mother protecting her kids. I just distracted for a second and provoked the attack. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me of my co-workers to be completely insured from all emergencies. Because we deal with predators on our everyday basis – we deal with real tigers and with poachers whom we regard predators in human shape, notes Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF-Russia Amur branch, renowned conservationist of Russia.
Right away Pavel is at the hospital. His colleagues and friends wish him well.
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