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Премия рунета 2017

New Year presents from WWF and VTB Bank

20 december 2018
On the eve of 2019, WWF and VTB Bank handed off-roaders, snowmobiles, ATVs, car trailers, power generators, boats and outboard engines to five tiger range nature reserves and national parks, Wildlife Management Departments of Primorsky and Khabarovsky Provinces, and the Rehabilitation Centre “Tigr”.

This support has been provided as part of the big cats’ conservation project run by WWF since 2016 with funds of VTB Bank in the Russian Far East, the Caucasus, and the Altai to take care over the Amur tiger, the Amur, the Persian and snow leopards. One of the project’s goals is to provide technical support to protected areas and agencies in charge of these rare cats protection and resolving conflicts with large predators, namely the Amur tiger.

© Olga Sass / WWF Russia

The Ussuriisky Nature Reserve got Mitsubishi L 200 off roader and Yamaha Viking skidoo. Another Mitsubishi L 200was given to the group for tiger monitoring and conflicts mitigation with tiger active at the federal agency “Zapovednoye Priamurye”. The Bikin National Park Stels ATV 500 YS Leopard; the Lazovsky Nature Reserve got Yamaha outboard, while a Taiga Patrul skidoo went to the group for tiger monitoring and conflicts mitigation with tiger based in the Sikhote-Alinsky Nature Reserve. The Primorye-based Rehabilitation Centre “Tigr” obtained an ATV RM (Russian Mechanics), a car trailer for its transportation, a power generator, and Yamaha Viking skidoo. An ATV RM, a car trailer for its transportation, a Taiga Patrul skidoo, and two different power Yamaha outboards were handed to the Primorsky Province Wildlife Management Department. An alum boat and two inflatable boats SOLAR with additional equipment were purchased for the Khabarovsky Province Directorate for Animals and PAs Protection.

© Olga Sass / WWF Russia
“When planning the equipment purchase we considered all wishes of the project’s partners. So everything was “made to order”, each item was much-needed. We are handing 20 units totaling 150K USD to make the field work of our partners more effective. Conservation of the Amur tiger and its habitat is our common task and we are very glad to have VTB Bank in our ranks of supporters, notes Peter Osipov, director of WWF Russia Amur branch.
© Olga Sass / WWF Russia

In 2017, the Bikin National Park received 48 camera traps with memory cards and electric batteries to monitor the Amur tiger while the Primorsky Province Wildlife Management Department was provided with four new off-roaders Mitsubishi L 200. In 2018 Yamaha snowmobile and Mitsubishi L 200 were handed to the Evreiskaya Province Directorate for Animals and PAs Protection; a skidoo with a trailer for its transportation, and ATV-snow and swamp-going Yamaha were given to the Primorsky Province Wildlife Management Department; Yamaha skidoo – to one of the Khabarovsky Province forestry unit; the same skidoo and a Japan-made outboard engine – to the Bikin National Park; an alum boat Sever and Yamaha outboard engine – to the Joint Directorate of the Lazovsky Nature Reserve and the Zov Tigra (Call of the Tiger) National Park.

The Amur tiger conservation projects in the Russian Far East are implemented with support of the Amur Tiger Center and WWF Russia.

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