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Inhabitants of rivers, lakes and swamps of the Amur basin became heroes of the International Contest of Children Paintings “Wetlands for Life”
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Inhabitants of rivers, lakes and swamps of the Amur basin became heroes of the International Contest of Children Paintings “Wetlands for Life”

08 april 2021
2000 children have already submitted their art works to the International Contest “Wetlands for Life” organized by WWF Russia in the Amur-Heilong River basin in the Year for Wetlands - 2021. The paintings are accepted till April 30, so the kids still have time to take part in the Contest on the AmurInfoCenter web portal of the Amur-Heilong Ecoregion.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, WWF has declared 2021 the Year for Wetlands in the Amur River basin. Three countries of the Amur-Heilong ecoregion: Russia, China and Mongolia are engaged in its events both environmental and educational.

Why wetlands are so important? The answer to this question, to understand the global role of wetlands in preserving biodiversity and maintaining the stability of the planet's climate, is clearly resembled in children paintings of the contest “Wetlands for Life”. The Contest was launched on February 2, on the World Wetlands Day, on the AmurInfoCenter portal, and today it has reached a record number of entries - 2000 paintings!
Alsu Ashirmametova,16 y.o., Aykhal settlement, Republic of Sakha-Yakutiya
Oksana Ptitsyna, Preobrazhenie settlement, Primorskiy province
Anna Petina,15 y.o., Leninskoe village, Evreiskaya province
Daria Pashnina, Dalnegorsk village, Primorsky province
Egor Tashlykov, 6 y.o.Zabaykalskiy province, Ksenevka village
Inhabitants of wetlands in children artworks
“For the second year in a row, we are holding an online drawing competition on the AmurInfoCenter portal. In 2020, it was dedicated to the Year for Cranes, and now it is the Year for Wetlands. This format fell in love with and found a great response among children, teachers and parents. At least we have already bit the record of last year, 1700 drawings! Moreover, paintings with the inhabitants of rivers, lakes and swamps of the Amur basin comes to us from all over the country, - comments Olga Cheblukova, project coordinator on protected areas at WWF Russia Amur branch. - Wetlands are truly unique - they are habitats of rare species of animals, natural reservoirs of water and accumulators of sediments, and on the Amur they are also important core areas of the Australo-East Asian flyway of waterfowl that live here or stop over during migration. We are glad that by participating in the contest, children learned a lot of new and important information about the reservoirs of the Amur basin and were inspired by the idea of their conservation.”
International Contest of Children Painings "Wetlands for Life"
WWF Russia

Art works can be submitted until April 30. Children from 5 to 18 years old are invited to participate. Independently, or with the help of teachers and parents, they can upload their work to the site: https://amurinfocenter.org/en/konkurs-bolota-dla-jizni/

 The results of the competition will be determined by the jury in June this year. Additionally, on the official page of the Contest, a “popular vote” is activated: anyone can vote for their favorite works. The winners of the Contest will be awarded with WWF diplomas and prizes, all participants will receive certificates.

All materials on the Year for Wetlands are available on the portal of the Amur Ecoregion AmurInforCenter https://amurinfocenter.org/tools/projects/vbu/

For additional information please contact
Project coordinator of Protected Areas Unit