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Премия рунета 2017

The first egg in the Oriental stork nest for the International Bird Day

01 april 2019
Six online cameras fixed by NGO AmurSEU with the support of WWF are streaming from 4 nests of the Oriental storks in the Amur ecoregion. This weekend one of the bird pairs laid the first egg.

Watch the Oriental stork online

It is a great reality show for all bird lovers! This year the AmurInfoCenter web portal is providing a great opportunity to observe Oriental stork life moments starting from the arrival from the “winter apartments”, laying eggs, raising chicks up to the moment of migration. 

The process of fixing cameras on the nests

In the mid of March specialists of NGO AmurSEU started fixing the first online cameras on electrical transmission towers near Tambovka village in Amurskaya Province. Last week, in cooperation with the provincial administration of protected areas, four cameras were fixed in two nests (one on artificial pole, another on a tree) in Berezovsky Wildlife Refuge to observe the nest from different angles. With this, on the eve of the International Bird Day all six cameras are streaming online the reality show “Watch the Oriental stork online”. In 2018, this experience was implemented in one nest in Tambovka village.

According to Anton Sasin, specialist of the AmurSEU, who fixed cameras in the nests, “Intrigues in the bird family started right after their arrival to the nest they used last year. We keep watching this pair online. And again the third stork is interfering their life, just like a year ago. It could be the ex, or just a competitor fighting for the female or for the nest. Last year the father-stork decided not to have chicks and threw all the eggs out of the nest… Let’s see what happens this year.” 

First egg in the nest of Oriental storks in Amurskaya province
WWF Russia

And here it is – a surprise! The first egg is delivered right for the International Bird Day. According to Yury Gafarov, director of AmurSEU, the pair nesting here is being regularly observed since 2009. It keeps successfully breeding every year. By the way, this nest was found in 2004 and it is one of the oldest nests in the province.

Installing cameras in Amurskaya province
“Storks have already returned to their breeding grounds in the Amur River basin. This year we fixed cameras on electrical transmission towers, artificial poles, and on trees, to understand if the birds’ behavior depends on this factor. This is going to be a unique research to be used for the further conservation of the rare bird. And for the bird lovers it is a great joy to observe the Oriental stork online”, notes Anna Serdyuk (Barma), senior coordinator on protected areas projects at WWF Russia Amur branch.
Online cameras in Amurskaya Province will be streaming in open access till the moment of migration. Please, enjoy watching the Oriental storks online
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