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Премия рунета 2017

“Salmon in muddy water” video documentary released by “Taiga Planet” grassroots movement and WWF Russia

29 april 2019
In the International Year of Salmon-2019, the internet premier of the documentary “Salmon in muddy water”, produced with WWF Russia support, was broadcasted on Youtube channel of “Taiga Planet” grassroots movement. The film is devoted to the issues of fisheries and the status of population of Pacific salmon that comes into the Amur River for spawning.

The sharp decrease in salmon numbers coming for spawning into the Amur River became the starting point of the project. The situation with salmon resources in the Amur River in 2017, lack of fish even in the middle reaches of the river, raised serious concerns of the local community. “Taiga Planet” movement also turned attention towards this issue and decided to make a social documentary about Pacific salmon. This initiative was supported by WWF Russia and EU as a part of small grants projects “Amur Coalition of environmental NGOs”. On April 27, the documentary “Salmon in muddy water” was published on “Taiga Planet” Youtube channel and in social media. 

Poaching in the Amur River (screenshot from the video)
Taiga Planet
Comments Viktor Reshetnikov, head and inspirer of the “Taiga Planet” movement: «At the time of filming, there was no common understanding among participants of our film expedition about how wide and burning the problem with salmon is, who is responsible for the situation, what will happen next with Amur salmon. We faced the same variety of opinions throughout the filming. The group traveled from Nikolaevsk-on-Amur to Khabarovsk, visiting the villages near the Amur estuary, Nanai national villages, Anyui National Park, and other places. The most shocking fact for “Taiga Planet” group was that almost every respondent while expressing his or her own opinion about the fishing situation on the Amur River, called the new guilty and responsible ones. Thus, the range of problems was constantly expanding, opening new aspects and “forcing” the film expedition to move on.
Viktor Reshetnikov and "Taiga Planet" in Nanai district
Taiga Planet
Film expedition
Taiga Planet
Finally the film expedition concluded that the situation with the stocks of salmon in the Amur is unstable and close to critical. No one can guarantee that the failure of fishing season in 2017 will not happen again. The film also confirmed that the situation with the stocks of summer-run chum is catastrophic. Another threat is hanging over salmon - the threat of reducing spawning forest belts: the Russian government adopted new amendments to the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, which will come in force on July 1, 2019 and may aggravate an already difficult situation with salmon in the Amur.
Comments Olga Cheblukova, protected areas coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch, coordinator of the Year of Salmon in the Amur Ecoregion: «Salmon in muddy water” is a film-research. “Taiga Planet” managed to bring together many opinions and parties that “surrounded” the salmon. But all of them, even contradictory ones, agree on one thing - the current situation with salmon and the fishing system definitely needs to be changed, as well as the system of distribution of quotas and fishing grounds, and the protection from poachers, and monitoring the filling of the main spawning grounds, which doesn’t receive enough federal funding today. In case if all these problems are added by forest degradation along the river banks, salmon has no chance to spawn and we stay without fish.”
It’s time to recall the Indian wisdom: "When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money".

To stop the degradation of spawning forest zones WWF Russia has launched the collection of votes under the petition “Save the forests for people and for salmon!” addressed to the government of the Russian Federation.

Sign the petition – save the forests for people and salmon!


Sign the petition - save the forests for people and salmon!
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