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Премия рунета 2017

The poacher will pay more than $29,700 for killing a tigress

31 may 2017
In Primorsky Province the poacher was found guilty for killing a young tigress in August 2015. He received a 22 months conventional sentence and was ordered to pay $29,700 for his fatal shot.

The verdict was announced on May 30, 2017. Specialists of WWF Russia and the Amur Tiger Center monitored the whole investigation. One of WWF staff participated in the forensic examination of the carcass. The results of the examination proved that the poacher shot the tiger intentionally and that the tiger was of no threat to the human.

«We are satisfied with the court decision. Of course, it is a shame that the person has killed the tiger. It is too bad that that has happened to the old and wise person. But in this case I find the sentence fair. Shooting tigers is dangerous for a family budget», notes Pavel Fomenko, head of Rare Species Conservation Unit at WWF Russia Amur branch, an honored ecologist of Russia.

Fighting for the tiger's life
© WWF Russia / Yulia Fomenko

On August 18, 2015, a young tigress with broken legs was found by one of the locals. The Police, the staff of the Primorsky Province Hunting Department, and vets of the Primorsky Agricultural Academy immediately arrived to the site. After preliminary investigation and the first aid to the tiger the animal was transported to one of the vet’s clinic of Vladivostok to veterinarian clinic and was operated. For ten days specialists were struggling for the life of a wounded animal, however, in spite of all the efforts veterinarians failed to save the tiger’s life.

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