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Dating Service Mamba will Help WWF Protecting Oriental Storks

22 april 2020
Mamba app and WWF announce a joint initiative in support of the Keepers of Oriental Storks Nests.

From April till the late October, in Amurskaya Province a number activities on the stork conservation will be implemented. The campaign will be funded by Mamba and monitored by WWF.

According to Anna Serdyuk, senior coordinator of protected areas projects at WWF Russia Amur branch, “The cooperation with Mamba is very important for us and perspective. Oriental storks can easily be a good example of a close-knit family. These birds are really conservative in keeping their home. Every year the stork pairs come back from their wintering grounds and occupy the same nests they used a year ago fixing and repairing them. If a nest has destroyed storks pair constructs a new one in the same site. Our cooperation is focused on providing favorable conditions for the breeding pairs. The birds should feel themselves safe and be sure that the chicks will not be threatened”.

The Oriental stork is one of the rare birds of the Russian Far East. It is included into the Red List of the Russian Federation and IUCN. This gracious bird is regarded an indicator of the safe ecosystem of the Amur Ecoregion; it is very sensitive towards contamination of water and soil, drying out of flood plains, and climate change. In its nesting sites Oriental stork has no natural enemies; main threats are caused by human activities. Insufficient supply of natural supports for the nests in the Amur River basin and a gradual decreasing of their numbers as a result of agricultural activities, forest and grass fires and cutting large trees are the main limiting factors.

Mamba Dating Service app. decided to take under wing these birds as the stork is a symbol of an addition to the family. Everyone knows what a visit from the stork means but not each person is aware that these birds are monogamic, “faithful” to each other, and demonstrate a prominent parent behavior.

As part of the Keepers of Oriental Storks Nests project, WWF will undertake fire prevention measures in the field, put protective devices around the trees with nests, and do public awareness actions. Mamba will take care of one of four cameras installed in the nests. On-line camera will be streaming the activities in the nest. The translation can be watched on the AmurInfoCenter and in Mamba app.

"This project is very important for us as a close-knit family likeness of the storks is very close to our mission. Since 2003, we have been helping people to find a spouse and became happy. Today, when the entire world suffer from COVID-19 such a positive project can distract people from grey thoughts and inspire them to searching for love. If everything is OK with nature then humans will be safe", notes Pyotr Boytsov, head of marketing at Mamba. 

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