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New snowmobiles for the vehicle fleet of the Bikin National Park

28 january 2021
In January 2021, four BURAN snowmobiles, full sets of winter and summer outfit for 22 rangers, a large batch of building supplies and tools for cordon repair became a New Year's gift to the Bikin National Park from WWF Russia.

The supply of a new batch of equipment, clothing, footwear, first aid kits, equipment and building materials to the Bikin National Park became possible thanks to a joint initiative of WWF Russia and the Discovery Channel campaign to increase the number of tigers. While the craftswomen are still sewing traditional patterns on rangers’ jackets, the test-drives for snowmobiles are already completed and the rangers are on their way to winter counts in taiga.

“Four new snowmobiles are a great help for the national park. Especially now, when we have started winter counts and plan to run up the Bikin stream for more than 200 kilometers. In low winter temperatures, only modern vehicles can pass through difficult terrain. The most experienced rangers, who will help state inspectors and experts to investigate the taiga off-road terrain and patrol the territory. The help with winter uniform is valuable as well. We have been cooperating with WWF Russia since the establishment of the national park, this is a serious and fruitful partnership” - comments Alexei Kudryavtsev, director of the Bikin National Park.
First test-drives for new snowmobiles in the Bikin National Park
Bikin National Park

The Bikin National Park, which celebrated its 5th anniversary last year, is a safe home for at least 40 Amur tigers, a place of work for 110 local residents and a territory where the traditions of indigenous peoples are revived. This is the largest and youngest protected area in the tiger's range, with which WWF Russia has a bond of cooperation.

“Thanks to the joint project of WWF and the Discovery Channel implemented in 2020, WWF Russia has already donated 3 outboard engines, a Yamaha Viking snowmobile, wood processing equipment for construction works at the Takhalo cordon, tools for setting camera traps on the territory of the Bikin National Park and 1000 batteries for the Amur tiger cameratrap monitoring, a Mitsubishi L 200 SUV fully equipped for work in the forest. A new batch of vehicles, equipment and building materials totaling over 3.5 million rubles, which entered the national park this year, continues this cooperation. Our immediate plans include the purchase of the TREKOL HUSKY all-terrain vehicle with components, worth about 6 million rubles, which is very necessary for raids to remote areas of the national park, delivery of the necessary supplies and materials,” - comments Peter Osipov, director of WWF Russia Amur branch.

Snowmbiles for the Bikin National Park

Currently, WWF Russia also supports the Bikin National Park to create a buffer zone and is implementing a project for a School of Local Guides with the support of HSBC Bank.

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Director of WWF-Russia Amur branch