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Премия рунета 2017

Saikhan, male tiger, and tigress from Lazo released in middle reaches of the Bidzhan River

22 may 2018
Evreiskaya Province. On May 19, the specialists remotely opened a temporary adaptation enclosure where two tigers from Primorye lived in for a week. Finally, the animals became free.

Staff of the Amur Tiger Centre, WWF-Russia, Rehabilitation Centre “Tigr”, Evreiskaya Province Hunting Department, and Nature Supervision Authorities have been monitoring the situation.

Male tiger Sikhan and tigress from Lazo before the release
PRNCO "Tiger"

As all the specialists were not allowed to approach the enclosure they controlled the situation by the signals from GPS collars that have been fixed on tigers before. The female was the first to exit the enclosure in the evening of May 19. It took her quite a lot of time to make this brave decision. Maybe she sensed that this open door might be a trap and not a chance for escape. She headed to the east while Saikhan stayed inside the 50x50 meters enclosure for one more night. He started his west-bound journey next morning, May 20. They are separated right away but the distance between the two cats is not long so maybe they plotted to explore the area and meet at some point someday. 

According to Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF Russia Amur branch, an honored conservationist of Russia “By the release day, in the north-west of Evreiskaya Province a sustainable grouping of the Amur tigers had been formed. Of course this imposes a huge responsibility on the conservation agencies. The further wellbeing of the tigers is largely depends on the network of protected areas. The tigers released here earlier have chosen for themselves the most favorable habitats with the planned National Park Pompeevka as a centre. By all means WWF-Russia will welcome the establishing of the Park, a very important protected area for the species conservation.
Pavel Fomenko participated in the operation on transportation of tigers from Primorye to Evreiskaya province
Before transportation to Evreiskaya province the sedated tigeres were weighed up
Pavel Fomenko (on the right) with the GPS collar that will be fixed on the tiger
Andrey Oryol and Vitaly Barannikov, rangers of rapid response team of Primorsky, who rescued these tigers from taiga are preparing them for release into the wild
May, 12. Rehab Center in Alexeevka. Tigers are prepared for transportation to Evreiskaya province

Today, there are 13 tigers including Saikhan and the female form Lazo living in Evreiskaya Province. An excellent prey base, a considerable minimization of anthropogenic factor, and the enforced protection result in a successful spreading of tigers across the Province.

WWF-Russia, and Amur Tiger Centre are among the ones dealing with conflicts resolution between tigers and humans in the Russian Far East.
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