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Премия рунета 2017

Tiger “Vladik” demonstrating the mysterious homing traveling back from releasing site to the birth place

02 november 2017
Famous tiger named Vladik that was released into the wild to Bikin National Park on May 2017, having travelled a huge distance across the whole Primorsky Province from the north to the south-west, from releasing site to the Rehabilitation Center and made a “circle of honor” along Kedrovka River basin, than turned back on 180 degrees and, unexpectedly for experts, moved back to the major tiger area in Sikhote-Alin again.

Specialists of the Wildlife Department of Primorsky Province, Amur Tiger Center and WWF Russia keep tracking the movements and locations of the tiger. Tracking is carried out with the help of GPS module attached to the collar fixed on the tiger before its release into the wild. Now the signal sending and receiving mode is turned into more frequent regime. It is important due to the behavior of the predator in this case is quite unusual.

Specialists point out that the predator was highly precautious and respectful towards the humans on the whole route. The tiger carefully avoided approaching human settlements and never attacked domestic animals. 

Pavel Fomenko, the head of Asian Big cats unit of WWF-Russia Amur branch, comments: “Probably, the tiger returned back home and made a “circle of honor” around the places he used to live. We can just assume that his home range was in the south-west of Primorye and the territories adjacent to Vladivostok and Artyom cities. His behavior is unique due to his ability to make his way through numerous infrastructurinterception doing no harm to the local people, and did it quite carefully using natural barriers and utilities.”

Dmitry Pankratov, head of the Wildlife Department of Primorsky Province, informs: “We keep observing Vladik. We still do not understand why the tiger selects this direction of its route. Moving from south-west to the main Sikhote-Alin  he crossed the Razdolnaya River twice, crossed the Transiberian railroad twice and as well as a most busy highway where he spent eight hours and crossed it after having caught the right moment”.

The predator still keeps away from humans and avoids human settlements. Only time will show where Vladik is forwarding to.

Let’s recall that Vladik was captured near Vladivostok city by the Human Wildlife Conflict group of Wildlife Department of Primorsky Province and after a course of rehabilitation in Alexeevka Center released back into the wild to Bikin National Park. However, having travelled a huge distance, about 700 kilometers, he returned back to Rehabiliattion Center and then went to the south-western Primorye and keeps traveling.

This project is implemented in partnership with Amur Tiger Center, Primorsky Regional Non-commercial Organization «The Center for Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals», the Wildlife Department of Primorsky Province, with personal participation of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation.