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Премия рунета 2017

Zhorik, the tiger male, helps protecting its congeners

20 may 2016
On May 16-17, at the Utyos Rehabilitation Center, WWF Russia in cooperation with the Amur Tiger Center and Khabarovsky Province Hunting Department gathered rangers to perfect their skills on conflicts resolution between

humans and large predators. 

Rangers from conflict resolution groups acting both in Primorsky and Khabarovsky Provinces attended lectures and master the therapeutic and immobilization equipment. The trainees had a rare opportunity to conduct medical examination of the captive tiger, nicknamed Zhorik, and the black bears and to master the basic immobilizing technics.

According to Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation division at WWF Russia Amur branch, honored worker of nature conservation, “Such seminars are conducted on a regular basis (this one was the fifth in a row). The gained knoweledge will improve the conflict groups’ effectiveness, ensure people security, and save rare animals.

There are a lot of skills that should be improved and exercised consistently. Among such skills are adjusting the dosage, correct choice of a strategy and tactics of the immobilizing, emergency medical assistance in the field.”

WWF has considerably strengthened the Khabarovsky Province conflict group’s capacity – all-terrain, snowmobile, sledge, stationary cages and cages for carrying wild animals, immobilizing injector, special medical equipment etc. were purchased with WWF’s money. Soon the construction of a quarantine section will be finished.

Pavel Fomenko, WWF Russia staff: the monitor shows all vital functions of the tiger
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