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Премия рунета 2017

Tiger tragedy in Khabarovsky Province

22 march 2019
An accident resulted in a tiger death took place on March 20 in Zolotoy village. According to preliminary information a local man defending himself shot a tiger that came to his backyard.
The police officers jointly with specialists of the Provincial Wildlife Management Department of Khabarovsky province are investigating the details of the accident.
According to Yury Kolpak, head of wildlife conservation unit at the Wildlife Management Department, “A villager having heard his cow bellowing in the barn went to check what had happened. Inside the barn he found a tiger and a killed cow. According to the man, the tiger made a sudden move towards him. Defending himself the man hit the tiger with a hayfork. After that he rushed to the house to get the gun and returned to the barn. He tried to scare the predator away, but the tiger attacked again and the man fired off. Unfortunately, the wound was fatal. Right after that the man called the police and the Wildlife Management Department. The police officers are investigating the case. The tiger body will be transported to Ussurisk for the examination.”
The Wildlife Management Department of Khabarovsky province

Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF Russia Amur branch, considers the situation as extraordinary and requiring a close study, “Similar case of tiger attacking dogs and cattle was registered in Khabarovsky Province in 2012. That time the actions of the man were justified. Today we probably deal with the situation when the man had to kill the predator who threatened his life.”

The tiger male was quite aged and had health problems. According to preliminary expert estimates when attacking the man the tiger was very weak and was not of a real threat to the villager. But the person got scared, which is natural for a human being. The legality of the man’s actions will be assessed after the investigation and establishing all the circumstances of the accident. 

Conservation of the Amur tiger in the Russian Far East and the resolving of human-tiger conflicts are supported by the Amur Tiger Centre and WWF Russia.
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