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The Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park established in Amurskaya province

26 december 2019
The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on the establishment of the Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park with an area of 253 thousand hectares has been signed on December 20, becoming the third protected area created with WWF support in 2019 in the Amur basin.
“The establishment of the Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park has become a long-awaited present for nature and people. After the establishment of wildlife refuges Komissarovsky (Primorsky province) and Nerchugansky (Zabaikalsky province), the Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park has become the third protected area created in 2019 in the Amur basin with WWF support. Thus, the total area of protected territories in the Amur Ecoregion now equals 15 million 709 thousand hectares, with federal protected areas - 7 million 600 thousand hectares, provincial - 8 million 109 thousand hectares. We are proud that 7 million 944 thousand hectares of protected areas in the Amur basin were created with the support of WWF.” – comments Peter Osipov, director of WWF Russia Amur branch.
Mountain spring in the Zeya River sources
Sergey Podolsky

The new federal protected area appeared in Zeyisky district of Amurskaya province on the site of the Tokinsky Wildlife Refuge having slightly increased in size.

The initiators of this protected area are well-known researchers of Priamurye: geographer Veniamin Gotvansky, zoologist Yury Darman and botanist Valentina Starchenko. Back in the early 1990s they proposed the creation of a national park on the Stanovoy Range and organized several research expeditions there. But that time the scientists’ plans were not realized.

In 2009, WWF Russia supported the expedition and the preparation of the environmental and economic feasibility study of the wildlife refuge on the Stanovoy Range, and in 2010 the refuge of provincial level was created. However, the provincial status of protected area was not enough to protect the population of mountain sheep in Amurskaya province and Evenki indigenous peoples carry out traditional reindeer herding.

Sergey Podolsky, head of the expedition, deputy head on science of the Zeyisky Nature Reserve
Sergey Ignatenko, director of Zeyisky Nature Reserve, in the expedition to Stanovoy Range © Sergey Podolsky
Research expedition to the territory of the Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park
Zeyisky Nature Reserve

It took another 10 years to upgrade the status of the provincial protected area to the level of the national park. Thanks to the expedition of specialists of Zeyisky Nature Reserve organized in summer 2018 with support of WWF Russia Amur branch, the national park was established. 

Research expedition to the territory of the Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park
Sergey Podolsky
“The Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park combines the tasks of preserving a special mountain ecosystem and Evenki reindeer herding, which is on the verge of extinction as a culture. In the Soviet period there were several reindeer herding state farms with 4-7 thousand deer each, now there are only about 30 reindeer herders in Bomnak village of Zeyisky district with the largest herd of 1000 animals. By analogy with the Bikin National Park, one of the main objectives of the new PA is to preserve the traditional way of life of indigenous peoples. Now the new park is in urgent need of further surveys and infrastructure development, - said Sergey Ignatenko, the director of Zeyisky Nature Reserve.

The Tokinsko-Stanovoy National Park will protect the habitat of a mountain sheep listed in the IUCN Red List, the Red Books of Yakutia and Amurskaya province, preserve mountain forests and unique alpine tundra with rare plants. Moreover, the interaction with Evenki indigenous communities who carry out traditional nature management on this territory such as deer hunting and grazing, will become one of the leading activities of the national park.