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Public forest inspectors are new guardians for tiger's habitats

27 november 2020
For the first time, WWF Russia together with the Ministry for Forestry and Wildlife Management of Primorsky province and the Primorsky State Agricultural Academy have organized training courses for public forest inspectors. The seminar was organized as part of the “People for Nature” project, implemented WWF with the support of the EU.

Over 20 active and motivated locals concerned by the fate forests of Primorsky province gathered in the city of Ussuriisk to participate in the training held on the basis of the Forestry Innovation Center. These are beekeepers, staff of hunting clubs, members of NGOs. Their lives are closely connected with taiga, and they are not ready to put up with illegal and devastating forest use of Ussuri taiga, known for its unique Korean pine and broadleaved forests, the heaven of the Amur tiger.

The course of 3-day studies was very intense and included theoretical and practical sections. On the first day, the attendees were introduced to the basics of forestry, types of activities in the forest, as well as with the rules of forest taxation. After that, they had a field trip to the experimental forest site of the Agricultural Academy, where the future public inspectors passed the tests in various forest conditions.

Field training for the future public forest inspectors
Alexander Khitrov / PrimDiscovery / WWF Russia

Another day of the seminar was devoted to forestry legislation and learning of major violations in forest harvesting. The practical section has become a difficult test to calculate the environmental damage which is an immediate task in identifying illegal logging.

The experts from WWF Russia and the State Agricultural Academy introduced ​​modern and innovative methods of recording and analyzing information after detecting an illegal logging. They spoke about the advantages of using drones and ways to obtain the most efficient results. Moreover, the bloggers of the popular in the province PrimDiscovery web portal shared their experience as professionals in terms of promoting information on the Internet to attract and involve wider audience in public monitoring.

The institute of public forest inspectors was created several years ago in various regions of Russia Its main purpose was to involve the public in identifying forest management problems., The Regulation on public forest inspectors of the Primorsky province was approved and published  in November 2019, describing the procedure of submitting documents and enrolling in the corps of inspectors, as well as their rights and obligations.

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