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Премия рунета 2017

A wounded tiger cub has a chance to return into the wild

26 january 2017
Primorye. On January 25, a tiger cub found two weeks ago in Pozharsky district had medical manipulations and examinations at the Rehabilitation Center near the village of Alekseevka.

On 20 January, a special commission consisting of the specialists from the government organizations, NGOs and research institutions, all this time struggling for the cub’s life, came to a conclusion that the urgent surgery was needed for the cub.

When the animal was under anesthesia the vets examined the state of injuries, did their surgical debridement. Eye doctor examined the cub’ eyes, blood tests were taken, as well as new X-rays. His nose bones were relocated and the breathing function is hoped to get back to normal soon. It became clear that the animal is in a good condition. The bones are healing well. In a month a new X-Ray scanning will be done.

“After we examined the cub we came to a very important conclusion that the young animal might have a chance to be released into his natural environment. Though the chance is small but still it is a prospect! Our assumption is based on the examination by an eye physician who confirmed that the tiger’s eyes are all right,” notes Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF Russia Amur branch.  

Earlier, the specialists feared that if the sense of vision were not restored then the cub would never return into the wild.

After the medical manipulations the cub will stay at the Rehabilitation Center until his full recovery. Currently, the tiger is in the quarantine block; he is prescribed a medicinal treatment.

WWF Russia has purchased video cameras that are monitoring the cub around the clock. The Amur Tiger Center pays for the cub’s medical treatment and care.  

Pavel Fomenko, WWF Russia, together with veterinaries participates in the examination of the wounded tiger cub
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The patient is prepared for the examination
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