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Премия рунета 2017

A new protected area was established in Zabaikalsky province on the International Day for biological diversity

25 may 2018
Dzhilinsky Wildlife Refuge of provincial level with total area of 111 404 hectares was established on 22 May in Zabaikalsky province with support of WWF Russia.

On May 22, 2018 the government of Zabaikalsky province signed the decree on the establishment of Dzhilinsky provincial wildlife refuge in the upper reaches of the Ingoda River, one of the main sources of the Amur River. The refuge was created as a part of the strategy of development of provincial PAs network in Zabaikalsky province till 2030. 

Dzhilinsky Wildlife Refuge
WWF Russia

Dzhilinsky Refuge will preserve old-growth forests in remote areas of Khente-Chikoisky uplands – the last territory of Zabaikalsky province with large forest stands not touched by fires. This newly created PA carries an important water regulation function protecting model ecosystems and rare wildlife species. It is named after the Dzhila River that runs on its territory.

Dzhilinsky Wildlife Refuge
Oleg Korsun
The refuge is important for preservation of many bird species. 23 bird species are included in the Red List of Zabaikalsky province such as bittern, fulcated duck, harlequin duck, marsh hawk, Chinese bush warbler; 9 bird species are in the Red List of the Russian Federation – eagle owl, black stork, golden eagle; greater spotted eagle is included in IUCN list. The refuge also protects highly productive spawning grounds of taimen, lenok and grayling, and has good conditions for red deer, moose, roe deer and will play the role of a natural reserve for recovery of their numbers on adjacent territories, supporting sustainable hunting management in Ulyotovsky district. 
«Establishment of Dzhilinsky Wildlife Refuge became a wonderful gift of Zabaikalsky province on the International Day for biological diversity. Now the total area of protected areas in the province makes 7,8%. There are two other refuges Olenguisky and Akshinsky are located next to this PA, as well as Arey Nature Park and Alkhanai National Park. In fact, the whole cluster consisting of several nature areas is formed to protect forest and freshwater ecosystems, - comments Anna Barma, coordinator of protected areas of WWF Russia Amur branch, secretary of Coordination Committee of directors of nature reserves and national parks of the southern Far East.
Harlequin duck - the bird living in fast flowing rivers
Dzhilinsky Wildlife Refuge
Oleg Korsun

The preparation of the feasibility study and expeditions were conducted with support of WWF Russia in 2015 by the group of specialists of Zabaikalsky province. Than it took three years for series of approvals, public hearings, environmental impact assessment. The establishment of the refuge became possible due to the active support of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Zabaikalsky province. 

Public hearings on Dzhilinsky Wildlife Refuge
Oleg Korsun
«The need to create a PA on this territory was discussed by wildlife biologists many times. As a result, Dzhilinsky refuge of 98,3 thousand hectares was established in 1990 for the period of 10 years. After the expiration date its status was not prolonged. Almost 20 years this area was not protected, but now the government has paid back to the nature. – comments Oleg Korsun, one of the main authors of the feasibility study, professor of Zabailkalsky State University.
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