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Премия рунета 2017

An orphan tiger cub was rescued in Primorye

16 december 2016
On 16 December, specialists of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province and Tiger Rehab Center successfully captured an orphan tiger cub near Lazo village of Primorsky Province.

The staff of the Hunting Department held control over the situation from the moment when the information about little predator appearance near Lazo village was received.

Сomments Alexei Surovy, deputy head of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province: “An Amur tiger cub without its mother was observed by local people since 30 November. It appeared from time to time at a dump site near Lazo village. After two weeks of monitoring, no evidences of an adult tigress (mother) were found. The decision was made to capture the animal and extract it from the wild. On 16 December at 5 a.m. the conflict resolution group of the Hunting Department successfully captured the cub on the dump site. It is a 5 month old female tiger weighing 20 kilograms with 7,5 cm paw size.  She is safe at present and nothing threatens her life.

“I would like to highlight the well-coordinated work of operative group on the resolution of human-large predator conflicts. Everythingwastimelyorganized. It was enough time to check if the mother tigress is there. Unfortunately, she was not found. That is why the decision was made to capture the cub, - says Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF Russia Amur branch. – The operation was conducted with the use of a special equipment provided to the conflict resolution groups of the Hunting Department by WWF Russia and Amur Tiger Center, At present the most important is to observe closely of the little tigress and take all necessary measures for her rehabilitation.”

It is very cold now in Primorye. The temperature drops to -25°С below zero. At such conditions a little orphan tiger cub could hardly survive on its own without humans help.

Andrey Oryol, staff of the conflict resolution group of the Hunting Department tells about details of the operation: “We received the information that a tiger cub is entering the dump site near Lazo village. Having got the permission to capture it, the conflict resolution group arrived to the site and monitored the situation during two days. On the first night she cheated us, we saw her but she was too far away, it was impossible to sedate her from such a long distance. We were afraid to scare her away. On the second night we captured her successfully. After sedation the veterinary examined the cub. She has a slight injury of a front paw, probably cut it with the glass while living on dump site. No other visual pathologies were detected. She is weak but not in a critical condition.”

The cub is now placed to the Rehab Center in Alexeevka village.

Tiger cub arrived to Rehab Center
© Yulia Fomenko / WWF России
First breakfast for the tiger cub
© Yulia Fomenko / WWF Russia
The conflict resolution group of the Hunting Department of Primorsky Province (from the left): Andrey Oroyl, Valery Yashmetov, Vitaly Barannikov and the head of the Rehabilitation Center Viktor Kuzmenko
© Elena Starostina / WWF Russia
Moving the tiger cub from transporting cage to the heated container of Tiger Rehab Center
© Yulia Fomenko / WWF Russia
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