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The Nerchugansky Wildlife Refuge of provincial level established in Zabaikalsky province.

20 december 2019
On 18 December, a new protected area was created by the initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Zabaikalsky province with an active support of WWF Russia. More than 252,6 thousand hectares of northern tributaries of the Amur River are under protection.
“The establishment of the Nerchugansky Wildlife Refuge became a real New Year’s Eve present for local people and for nature of the Amur River from the government of Zabaikalsky province. With this, the total area of protected territories in the Amur ecoregion now amounts at 15 million 707 thousand hectares, with 7 million 944 thousand ha established with WWF support, - comments Peter Osipov, director of WWF Russia Amur branch.
The Nerchuga River © Oleg Korsun
Larch forest © Oleg Goroshko
Black stork © Oleg Goroshko
The Nerchugansky Wildlife Refuge

WWF Russia Amur branch together with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Zabaikalsky province, scientists and environmental activists were actively involved in preparing eco-economic background for this protected area, and organized field expeditions to its territory. In the course of public hearings its establishment was supported and approved.

The new refuge is important for conservation of forest and freshwater ecosystems, game resources and rare wildlife species from the Red List of the Russian federation such as eagle-owl, black stork, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, Bewick's swan, Baikal teal, osprey, white-tailed eagle, as well as 19 birds from the regional Red List. There is a high number of game resources in the Refuge such as red deer, moose, roe deer, sable. The protection of the territory is also necessary for regulating the number of such a vulnerable game species as wild reindeer. The Refuge will also protect valuable Amur fish species such as taimen, lenok, and grayling. 

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