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Премия рунета 2017

Vladivostok celebrated Tiger Day for the 20th time

30 september 2019
Over 12 000 people marched in a festive parade proving that more and more people became interested in the Amur tiger status.

This year heads of 20 PAs of the Amur River basin joined the WWF’s column as well as the heads of environmental education departments of these PAs, high officials of the Wildlife Management Department of Primorsky, Khabarovsky, Zabaikalsky, Evreiskaya, and Amurskaya provinces, representatives of the students’ brigades for nature protection and of the Amurskaya Nature Protection Coalition of NGOs. The students of WWF’s long partners also jointed the panda-tiger ranks: the Vladivostok branch of the Russian Customs Academy and the Vladivostok branch of the Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. To mark the 25 years of WWF’s work in Russia and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tiger Day, WWF presented Vladivostok with the exhibition of the Amur tiger pictures with the augmented reality (AR) elements. To watch the rare video shot by camera traps fixed in the Ussuri taiga one had to download the ARGIN application using QR-code, point a smartphone’s camera at a picture and finally enjoy the beauty and mightiness of the tiger and perceive the environment through its eyes. To get the holiday more profiled WWF live-streamed the parade and the exhibition in Odnoklassniki social network while in WWF’s account new videos of the Amur tiger taken by camera traps were loaded.

20th anniversary of Tiger Day in Vladivostok
WWF Russia
According to Peter Osipov, head of the WWF Russia Amur branch, “In two years the Tiger Day will become even more important for Vladivostok and the whole Russia as in 2022 Vladivostok will be holding the International Tiger Summit. High rank officials from 13 tiger range countries will come our end to discuss what else should be done on the international level for tiger conservation”.
WWF team on Tiger Day in Vladivostok
Anatoly Serdyuk / WWF Russia
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