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Rising star from the “Land of Leopard” danced in front of camera

23 june 2015
“Land of the Leopard” National Park and WWF Russia have got a fantastic footage.

A young leopardess Berry was playing for several hours in front of the camera trap like she knew that her “dance” would be soon watched by thousands of people.

This footage became the basis for a new unusual video clip. You can watch it online now. The high quality of automatic cameras combined with the professional approach of the Park’s staff when choosing the cameras location has made the video interesting and beautiful.

The action takes place this spring on the picturesque banks of the Kedrovka River. The leading actress is a young Amur leopard female named Berry well-known already from other videos from the Park. The first shoots suggest that the animal knows that she is being filmed. She comes closer to the camera trap and even hits it several times with her paw as if adjusting the advantageous shooting angle. Having “fixed” the camera the actress begins to play in front of it as if a kitten.

“Fans of the video series “Spotted Family” and “Spotted Family – 2” who during all sixteen episodes followed the story of the weakest cub out of the leopard litter and sincerely worried about its injured paw and its future, will be particularly happy to see this video, notes Vasily Solkin, head of communications at WWF Russia Amur branch, the video series director. - Because this exact kitten on the screen now turned into a beauty worthy of Miss “Land of the Leopard” - 2015 title!”.

The first thing that surprised the scientists when watching the video is a playful behavior of a female cat. As a rule such way of conduct is often demonstrated by males. Females are usually more modest. In fact this is the first video showing a girl’s behavior. This is mostly due to the young age of Berry - she is now about two and a half years old. However, this “dance” has a direct practical use as well: when a cat rubs against a tree it leaves smelly marks which send signals for other animals including male leopards.


Leopardess Berry
© Land of the Leopard National Park / WWF Russia
Rising star from the “Land of the Leopard”
© Land of the Leopard National Park / WWF Russia