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Премия рунета 2017

For the first time ever the rehabilitation of the whole tiger family is carried out in Primorye

19 march 2018

A tigress and two of her cubs captured in Primorye near Aleksey-Nikolskoye village in February-March are placed in one spacious enclosure in the Alekseevka Rehabilitation Center.

Right after the capture, the tigers were put in separate neighboring enclosures. In order to reunite the family, specialists had to make sure that the tigress was healthy. Now the tigers are placed in one spacious enclosure with an area of 1.2 hectares.

“We were waiting for the test results on infectious diseases. After it became clear that the tigress was healthy, a special expert working group under the leadership of the Wildlife Department made a decision to reunite the family,” commented Viktor Kuzmenko, director of the Rehab Center. - Now we are closely monitoring the tiger family to understand the tigress behaviour and her maternal instinct. Fortunately, everything is fine: cubs are cuddling with their mother, she licks them, which is very typical for cats.”
For the first time ever the rehabilitation of the whole tiger family is carried out in Primorye
PRNCO “Tiger Center”

In the coming days, the experts will check how the tigress trains her cubs to hunt and whether she shares prey with them.

The future of the tiger family will be decided later. If the tigress continues to show her maternal care and her behavior does not cause doubts among the experts, then the whole family will be released in the most favorable area. In case if the tigress behavior rises questions, then the mother and cubs will have to be separated. The cubs will undergo a rehabilitation course and will be released, and the tigress will forever live in captivity. Specialists do hope that the tiger family will never be separated.