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Премия рунета 2017

WWF organized a training workshop for inspectors of Bikin National Park

02 october 2017
"Wildlife protection on the territory of protected areas" became the topic of the workshop devoted to improving the effectiveness of environment activities of the Park’s administration.

Training workshop for rangers of Bikin National Park was held on September 26-27 in Luchegorsk settlement of Primorsky province, and delivered general theoretical knowledge for the rangers of Bikin National Park as well as practical skills necessary for conducting raids.

"This was the first training seminar that we conducted with the rangers of Bikin National Park. It is the youngest national park in the Far East, home of ​​the Amur tiger, created only two years ago. Undoubtedly, very experienced inspectors work here. One of them is Alexandr Samoilenko, recently awarded by the Presidensial Administration with the Order of Honor for 35 years of work in the Hunting Department of Primorsky province, the head of the rapid response team and deputy chief inspector of Bikin National Park. But there are many initiative young men, including representatives of indigenous people, who never worked in nature protection. Therefore, many things important for the preservation of the vast territory of this protected area - more than 1 million hectares, we discussed from scratch, trying to convey the basic and specific knowledge that will certainly be useful in raids," - comments Pavel Fomenko, the head of rare species unit of WWF-Russia Amur branch.

WWF staff and invited experts expained in detail the rights and duties of inspectors working in state PAs, the problems of qualifying administrative offenses against wildlife objects and the issues of minimizing conflicts with poachers. Another topic was the training on forensic examination, as well as the use of special equipment in the fight against offenders.

It should be noted that starting from 2013 WWF Russia regularly organizes training courses for law enforcement officers, forest guards and hunting users. The training seminar with the staff of Bikin National Park was a continuation of the WWF's systematic work aimed at increasing the efficiency of bioresources protection in tiger habitat and the detection of crimes related to illegal logging and poaching.

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