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WWF presented a project on linden forests conservation in Primorye

31 august 2021
On August 28, at the Honey Festival in Anuchino village of Primorsky province, WWF Russia together with partners from the Primorsky Union of Beekeepers and 4 hunting clubs presented a project on conservation of honey bearing forests and game resources on the territory of the Sikhote-Alin Blue Ridge in central Primorye

WWF Russia’s project is being implemented with the support of the Moscow Credit Bank (MCB) on the Blue Ridge in the Anuchinsky and Yakovlevsky districts of Primorye with the participation of the Union of Beekeepers Primorsky province, hunting clubs “Fauna”, “Sinegorye”, Yakovlevsky RZOP and “Mikhailovskoye” public organization of hunters. The goal of the joint work is to preserve honey trees, protect wildlife and prevent illegal logging on an area of ​​more than 100 thousand hectares.

Honey Festival in Primorsky province
Victoria Shandybina
“Over the past 5 years, WWF Russia has regularly organized forums, meetings and trainings for beekeepers in Primorye, attracting the attention of specialists and authorities to the importance of taiga beekeeping development, which should take a leading role both in the economy and in wildlife conservation of Primorsky province. This project is unique by involving local communities in anti-poaching work against illegal logging and in protection of forests which are valuable melliferous plants, a treasury of nature gifts such as pine nuts, medicinal plants, berries, mushrooms and, of course, the home of the Amur tiger and other wild animals. Sustainable use of natural resources and the real involvement of the public, real taiga people, will help to preserve and increase this wealth,” comments Evgeny Lepeshkin, senior project coordinator for sustainable forest management of WWF Russia Amur Branch.

The work of WWF-Russia on honey forests conservation was highly appreciated by the Government of Primorye. On the Honey Day Festival, Evgeny Lepeshkin, the staff of WWF Russia was awarded a Letter of Gratitude from the Governor of Primorsky province Oleg Kozhemyako “For organizing 4 annual international conferences on beekeeping on the territory of Primorsky province, for putting together analytical materials on linden conservation, for organizing the work on apiaries mapping for delineation of linden no-cut zones, and for active participation in working groups for the preservation of honey bearing forests”.

The first in Primorye public anti-poaching brigade, created from among hunting inspectors and beekeepers, helps the state forestry and hunting management department to suppress violations against wildlife on the Blue Ridge, on the territory of 4 hunting clubs. With WWF Russia support, the anti-poaching brigade was equipped with a UAZ Patriot vehicle, protective equipment, outfit and measuring instruments to carry out patrols. Another tool necessary for work, a tablet with a special program set up by WWF-Russia specialists, was handed over to the brigade at the festival.

“The main task of our public task force is to patrol forests in Anuchinsky and Yakovlevsky districts, to identify and stop illegal logging and violations of hunting regulations. Patrols are carried out 2-3 times a week. To date, 3 protocols have been drawn up, 6 conversations with mushroom pickers have been held on the subject of fire safety in the forests. At the Honey Festival in Anuchino, the group received a tablet from WWF. With its help, the work of the group will become much more efficient, because the tablet is equipped with modern programs for fast data exchange, it allows to calculate the area of illegal logging or fire on the spot, determine the location and coordinates of a certain site and instantly transmit information to the authorized bodies. It is very important to be proactive today.” comments Sergey Umanets, head of the “Fauna” hunting club.
Let's save linden forests together!
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