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A pair of Red-crowned cranes became the heroes of live video stream

13 april 2021
WWF Russia web portal AmurInfoCenter launched online broadcasting from the enclosure with Red-crowned cranes in the Muravyevsky Wildlife Refuge in Amurskaya province.
Oka and Kivili (these are names of the birds) have been placed to the enclosure many years ago, due to injuries they cannot survive in the wild. But their chicks have been released into the wild for the fourth year in a raw to recover the population of Red-crowned cranes, one of the rarest birds with the total number of 3000 left in the wild. Video materials from online camera will allow specialists to obtain new data on cranes behavior during breeding period and while raising chicks.

Red-crowned cranes went online

Quarter, the crane released in May 2020 is the son of these birds. Last year he became a hero of a great rescue story

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