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The Bastak Nature Reserve Presented a Documentary about Cinderella, the Tigress

15 july 2022
The documentary film created with the support of WWF tells about the incredible story of Cinderella, the tigress, the first striped cat that successfully took root in the wild taiga after rehabilitation.
"It was important for us to convey to the viewer this story, the difficult path that Cinderella went from a little orphaned tiger cub from Primorsky Province, who is on the verge of life and death, to the present time so that it was interesting and accessible to both adults and children. The bravery shown by Cinderella will give rise to legends that will be composed about her on ecological trails. Nine years have passed since Cinderella's release into the Bastak NR. Over this period of time she successfully mastered the territory and became a mother of six tiger cubs. Her daughter from the second litter, tigress Tala, also lives in the Reserve, and in the fall of 2020 she gave birth to two cubs - a male Rusik and a female Leia. Ccreated with the support of WWF the film will be actively used for scientific and environmental education purposes to popularize information about the Amur tiger," comments Alexander Kalinin, director of the Bastak Nature Reserve.
Camera traps of the Bastak Nature Reserve

Cinderella was rescued from imminent death at the age of 5-6 months in the south-west of Primorye in 2012. In the Rehabilitation Center “TIGR” in the village of Alekseevka  (Primorsky Krai), the tigress was trained on how to live in the wild.

Experts "taught" the young predator to hunt successfully and avoid meetings with humans. In May 2013, Cinderella, aged about 18 months, was released in the Bastak Nature Reserve in Evreiskaya Province, where an adult lone male Zavetny already lived.

After the release, the reserve staff and scientists conducted constant monitoring of the tigress. WWF helped the reserve to establish a permanent tiger monitoring network in the territory. For this purpose, camera traps with accessories, a camera, fuel with spare parts for equipment, equipment for a comfortable and safe "field" life of the reserve's employees were purchased.

2.5 years after the release, in early December 2015, the employees of "Bastak" received documentary confirmation that Cinderella brought the first offspring: an automatic camera recorded her with two male tiger cubs. In the summer of 2017, the striped predator brought two more kittens – a male and a female, and in early 2020 gave birth to another tiger cub. At the beginning of 2022, the employees of Bastak recorded another, fourth replenishment from Cinderella: on January 24, 2022, a camera trap recorded a kitten about 4 months old that accompanied her.

"Cinderella's story is truly unique, and not only because this particular tigress was the first great success of the tiger reintroduction program within the historical range. The unique experience that the specialists received dealing with her became the most important basis for further work on the rehabilitation and reintroduction of Amur tigers. And Cinderella's maternal "exploits" after returning to the wild take her story far beyond the happy fate of a particular animal. This is already a landmark page in the history of the Amur tiger conservation as a whole," comments Peter Osipov, head of WWF Russia Amur branch.

The unique story of Cinderella is the fruit of the joint efforts of many people and organizations. In the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of a rare predator specialists of the Rehabilitation Center “TIGR”, “Tiger” Special Inspection, the Primorsky Province Wildlife Management Department, veterinarians of the Primorsky State Agricultural Academy, as well as employees of the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, WCS, IFAW, the Russian Geographical Society and the Phoenix Foundation.

The Russian version of the documentary "The Unique Story of Cinderella, the Tigress" is here

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