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Премия рунета 2017

Nature reserves met mass media at the Far Eastern Media Summit

10 june 2016
On June 9-10, environmental education staff of 23 nature reserves and national parks of the Russian Far East came to Vladivostok to participate in the Summit

and to discuss the environmental issues that might be of interest for the journalists. A round table “NRs and NPs as the ones who create the information field” and a master class on how to collaborate with mass media were conducted by WWF staff. The ecologists highlighted the issues they face in their everyday life while the journalists outlined the topics they would prefer to portray in newspapers, TV and radio programs. Also two new WWF-initiated online projects http://taigastory.ru/rus/ and http://savetaiga.ru/#1 were presented to the audience.

After the Summit, PA’s staff had training on how to convert mass events for the local people into a news hook to promote protected territories. The skills gained will be useful for the preparation for the 100th anniversary of the PAs system in Russia that will be celebrated next year.

Elena Starostina, WWF staff, is writing down the issues proposed by the protected areas for coverage in local press
© Yulia Fomenko / WWF Russia