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Oscar winner director made a documentary about tiger conservation together with WWF

28 january 2019
In the year of 25th anniversary WWF Russia sums its achievements in the Amur tiger conservation and with the new documentary Tigerland shot by Discovery Inc. draws attention of the world public at the wild tigers’ plight. The film was premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in the prestigious U.S. Documentary Competition on January 27.
Ross Kauffman and Xan Parker, the Bikin River
© Oleg Kabalik

Last February the Discovery film crew came to the Russian Far East to team up with WWF in making tiger-dedicated documentary. The team of filmmakers had been working hard the whole year. Pavel Fomenko, a WWF staff and one of the film’s heroes was available for the crew nights and days due to the time difference. These close relations have given birth to the film and to the real friendship with the team of Ross Kauffman, Oscar® winner director.

Ross Kauffman, PAvel Fomenko, Vasily Dunkai
© Oleg Kabalik

Discovery and World Wildlife Fund US (WWF-US) will partner on a matching donation campaign to help preserve Bikin National Park in Russia, it was announced by both parties on January 27. This is the second fundraising phase of Project C.A.T, a campaign launched in 2016 where the organizations pledged to preserve nearly 1 million acres of land in India and Bhutan. After its initial success, the team was able to fund an additional 1 million acres, bringing the total of preserved land to nearly to 2 million in India and Bhutan. Now, Discovery and WWF-US, set their sights on Russia’s Bikin National Park, a habitat featured in the upcoming documentary TIGERLAND. The two organizations goal is to support tiger populations in 3.7 M acres of Bikin National Park, more than doubling Project C.A.T.’s current commitment of helping to conserve nearly 2M acres of tiger habit in India and Bhutan. Discovery is committed to fully funding the site through 2022 and will work with WWF to fundraise for the project. Discovery will match donations received through this campaign up to $250,000 through December 31, 2019.

Korean pine cone is ...
© Oleg Kabalik
results is the establishing Bikin National Park in the Bikin River valley which is home to nearly 50 tigers, a tenth part of the entire Amur tiger population registered in Russia. In fact, we have safeguarded the heart of the Russian tiger grouping but there are other not less important parts of this “body” which need to be taken care for. There is still much to be done», notes Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation at WWF Russia Amur branch.
Discovery team, the Bikin River, Russian Far East
© Oleg Kabalik

Premiering at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in the prestigious U.S. Documentary Competition, TIGERLAND tells the story of two remarkable men separated by half a century who through sheer force of will and determination dedicated their lives to altering the fate of the tiger. Directed by Academy®-Award winning filmmaker Ross Kauffman (“Born into Brothels,”) and produced by Oscar® winner Fisher Stevens (“The Cove”), TIGERLAND is the story about our relationship with one of the world’s most revered creatures. The film will debut on Discovery on March 30, in U.S. and in countries and territories around the world. TIGERLAND will be available starting March 23 on Discovery Go.

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