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Save before it is too late: Discovery Channel and WWF launched a campaign VKontakte to support Amur tigers

14 march 2019
The campaign is the first stage of a large scale information project to draw international attention to the issue of tigers disappearing from Planet Earth. L`One, Aleksey Yagudin, Aleksey Kortnev, and Denis Klyaver, Russian celebrities, took part in the campaign.

The world tiger population is shrinking rapidly: over the recent 100 years the number of wild tigers on the planet has become 25 times less while some of the tiger species have disappeared completely. As for the Amur tigers, only 540 of them left in the wild. To support these predators, in 2016, Discovery Channel and WWF started a global Project C.A.T. aimed at wild tigers’ number doubling by 2020.

As part of this initiative Discovery Channel has launched a massive informational project with the campaign «ВКонтакте» #СпастиТигра #ProjectCAT to be its first step. The goal of the action is to attract people’s attention and inspire them to make donations for tigers’ conservation.

Interactive campaign #СпастиТигра #ProjectCAT demonstrates that while we are inactivitetigers are vanishing in the truest sense of the word. Till the end of March the official group of Discovery Channel Russia «ВКонтакте» will post the tiger image. The users will be suggested to repost the information on their personal accounts. If there are little likes and shares then the following day the tiger will be “disappearing” from the picture. Only active support of «ВКонтакте»’s public community will help saving tiger from vanishing. The most fascinated can donate any sum to WWF Russia via VK Pay (or on the Project C.A.T. site. All collected money will go to the projects on conservation of the Amur tiger and its habitat.

At the same time, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet и TLC will kick off the on air campaign in support of the action with Russian celebrities L`One, Aleksey Yagudin, Aleksey Kortnev, and Denis Klyaver.

Another important part of the Project C.A.T. was the documentary Tigerland to be broadcasted on Discovery Channel on March 31 at 8 pm. The film will tell about the critical diminishing of tiger population and about the efforts of people in the predator conservation. Ross Kauffman, the film director, an Oscar winner, “distributed” the main roles both among tigers and humans who devoted all their lives to the rare animal research and conservation. One of them is Pavel Fomenko, head of rare species conservation unit at WWF Russian Amur branch. Together with his colleagues Pavel conducts dangerous missions to minimize conflicts between tigers and humans and to save tigers from death.

In the Russian Far East, WWF conserves the Amur tiger with the support of the Amur Tiger Centre. Projects on tiger conservation were the first ones WWF started its activity with in Russia to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

Discovery Channel does more than simply distribution of the information: as part of the Project C.A.T Discovery, Inс. made a donation to conserve over 800 000 hectares in India and Bhutan and in 2019 started financing the Bikin National Park, one of the important tiger habitat in Russia. The company plans to invest additional USD250K to the Bikin NP till December 31, 2019.

Watch Tigerland documentary on March 31 at 8 pm on Discovery Channel!

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