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Премия рунета 2017


21 september 2018
Today, WWF Russia employee, Pavel Fomenko, who was attacked by an Amur tiger, is released from the Moscow clinic after another difficult surgery, and he is returning home to Vladivostok.

To remind, in March 2018 Pavel was at the tiger rehabilitation center in Primorye. At that time, there were six tigers there, including a tigress with cubs who were being prepared for vaccination. On his round, Pavel was passing this tigress, and she probably decided that her cubs were in danger. She attacked Pavel (the speed of an attacking tiger is about 80 km/h) and the grating broke down. The contact was short, but the animal had time to hit him on the head and left shoulder.

Fortunately, Pavel survived. The doctors in Primorye did their best and only a couple of days after release, Pavel, despite his injuries, took part in the operation on a tigress wounded by poachers and brought to the rehabilitation center.

 The problem with the grating remained and may pose a threat to other people. We organized fund-raising for the repair of tiger cages to guard the volunteers from the striped predators. You also can support our project.

 Pavel's courage was distinguished at the highest level. On April 27, at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society Vladimir Putin appreciated Pavel's efforts in wildlife conservation activities and wished him fast recovery. 

 In September, one of Moscow clinics successfully performed a very difficult surgery to repair the face tissues damaged by the tiger. 

"WWF Russia expresses deep appreciation and gratitude to the surgeons who returned our friend to the ranks," says Igor Chestin, director of WWF Russia.

Photo in the announcement: Pavel Fomenko recording the tiger and leopard at the Land of the Leopard National Park, winter 2015. Photo: WWF Russia.

The whole team of WWF Russia shares in the words of Igor Chestin and thanks the doctors Hassan Diab Mohamed Ali, Dr. Med.Sc., and Tsitsino Shurgaya, Dr. Med. Sc.

We wish our colleague fast recovery. We are looking forward to Pavel Fomenko's returning to us, but the Amur tigers need it even more.

UPD: After his release from the hospital, Pavel thanked the doctors and all who supported him and promised to return to his tiger-saving work as soon as possible.

"My deepest gratitude to the doctors, nurses and personnel. Good work! Fixed me well. <...> Now, taking a plane and home. Thank you guys, all who were with me and who helped me. Your help is needed and important. There is still much work to do, much to achieve. We will fight for our nature."


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