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Премия рунета 2017


22 december 2017
In March 2017 WWF-Russia and Centre of Personality Development «Arcanum» launched a joint project in order to preserve the habitat of the northernmost tiger on the planet. It only took 8 months of joint efforts to raise 1 million rubles to finance the project! These funds will help us to get one step closer to the main goal – the stable population of Amur tigers in the far East.
"The contribution of «Arkanum» to the tiger center is a real help in returning the rehabilitated tigers out in the wild. Two grown cubs will be returned soon in natural environment! A part of the funds collected within the project, is already spent: veterinary multi-parameter monitor, CO2 module analyzer, drugs for immobilizing animals are purchased and much more! The rest of the funds will be spent on the construction of animal quarantine box" said Pavel Fomenko, Head of rare species department at WWF Russia Amur branch.

However the most important thing is that our project brought together a huge number of non-indifferent people across the country. Due to this project eight participants increased the membership of the team of the «Golden Panda» Club, each of them provides WWF Russia with financial support on a regular basis and helps to achieve the results.

In March 2017 members of the Club participated in a trip to the Far East and they visited the Center of rehabilitation and the reintroduction of tigers in the village Alekseevka, Primorsky Krai. One of the guests was a co-founder of Centre of Personality Development «Arcanum» and a member of WWF «Golden Panda» Club Olga Mgeladze.

© Olga Mgeladze / WWF Russia
© Olga Mgeladze / WWF Russia
"When I found out that this rare subspecies, the Amur tiger, is on the verge of going extinct, I really wanted to help. However the desire of one or two people is not enough. To achieve the result, it is important to attract as many non-indifferent people as possible. That is how the idea to connect the Centre of Personality Development «Arcanum» came to my mind, – says Olga Mgeladze. – To my great joy, we collected the necessary amount of one million rubles faster than planned. This means that the Tiger Rehabilitation Center will continue its work!"

We do not to rest on our oars and we will soon begin to implement a new, even more ambitious project to plant 1 million cedar seedlings with the support of the Centre of Personality Development «Arcanum».

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