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9 million people took part in Earth Hour 2010 in Russia

27 may 2010
This year Earth Hour has taken place for the third time in Russia. The post-action research has become more comprehensive, as well as understanding of the sense of this action - hopes WWF.

About nine million Russians took part in the action this year (25% of those who knew about the event). Compared with the last year (about five million people), the number of participants has increased by 1.8 times! The main information source about the action was TV: almost 65% of those who heard about Earth Hour watched TV news.

Earth Hour has become an opportunity for WWF to inquire about Russians’ attitude to such ecological events. The majority of respondents approve of the action and agree that Earth Hour “gathers people together and informs about climate change problem” (82%) and that “it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time unusually and for the common good” (64.4%).

What are Russians ready to do in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment? According to the survey, the most popular answer is similar to the Earth Hour action – turn off unnecessary lights (48.5%). The second popular answer is to reduce water consumption (41.8%). On the third place are those who admitted that they simply “do nothing” (23.3%).

Romir is an independent and professional research holding, providing a full spectrum of marketing research, media and socio-economic research services. WWF and Romir did their first research on Earth Hour in 2009.