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The Altaiski State Nature Reserve is ready to become biospheric

30 june 2008
WWF Russia considers that the biosphere status of the Altaiski Reserve will allow to combine the conservation and the socio-economic development of surrounding grounds together with the interests of local communities

The administration of the reserve has already prepared the form for assignment to the russian and international UNESCO committees for getting the biosphere status.

The modern world has been searching for a long time the answer to the question: “How to secure the conservation of biological diversity and nature resources on a par with its sustainable usage?”. On the one hand the conservation of biodiversity is provided by the establishment of new protected areas (PA). On the other hand the severe reservation conditions of the PAs do not contribute to the dialogue and cooperation with the local communities over the questions of the use of natural resources and conservation.

The get-out of this dilemma was found in the establishment of the biosphere reservations – a kind of PAs where the conservation and the socio-economic development of surrounding grounds are provided simultaneously. The Altaiski State Nature Reserve has already implemented some projects in this direction. In 2007 a number of cooperation agreements with many indigenous communities of Altai were contracted. The community boards which include the representatives of the “Korbu” indigenous people community, the residents of the Yailu and Bele villages (located on the territory of the reserve) were established. The agreement about creation of the Coordination Council under the Altaiski State Nature Reserve was stroked up with the Minister of Nature Resources of the Altai Republic and the heads of the Ulaganskiy and Turochakskiy districts of the Republic. Today the Altaiski State Nature Reserve participates in the development of the Law on Teletskoe Lake.

All that allows to resolve together the socio-economic questions concerned to the people living on the reserved territory and to work out strategy of sustainable cooperation that combines the development of the region and the nature conservation.