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Премия рунета 2017

The alternative for the traditional stuffed animals is found!

09 december 2008
The exposition of the alternative taxidermy contest “Let’s save the nature studying it!” was opened in the Republic of Altai

This contest was declared by the Altaiski State Nature Reserve and WWF in the first half of 2008 within the WWF Program “Reserves and National Parks”. The goal of the contest was to find original ways of making the models of animals and plants in spite of traditional stuffed animals, herbariums and insects’ collections.

More than 30 participants from the Republic of Altai, Altaiskiy and Krasnoyarski regions and Kemerovskaya district sent their art works – paintings, articles and appliqués from nature materials, animals and plants done from wood, sand, cloth etc. The age of participants ranges from the first grade pupils to the adults of different specialties. All these works will be used in the design of new visit-centers and visit-points of the Altaiski State Nature Reserve next summer.