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Премия рунета 2017

Altyn-Kol Water Ball

28 july 2014
20th anniversary of WWF-Russia has united friends and supporters of the Fund across the country. Partners together with Altai-Sayan WWF’s department Ball near the water of Altyn-Kol Lake was held on the eve of the Moscow

Altyn-Kol is a traditional name of Teletskoye Lake meanining “Golden Lake” from altay language.  More than 50 people gathered on the banks in central residence of Altaiskyi Reserve to share their happiness about wonderful weather and warm company and to celebrate the birthday of WWF.

In this day Altyn-Kol   united all the people who really take care about nature and support nature conservation ideas together with WWF and Alatiskyi Reserve.  WWF’s Friends Clubs “Children of Lake” (Iogach), “Aiuchak”, “Wonder Lake” and “Berendai” (Gorno-Altaisk) with guests from Barnaul, Novosibirsk and Moscow took part in this colourful event.

After the warm welcome speech to the participants the most interesting surprise was the appearance of «snow leopard» on the banks of the Teletskoye Lake.  «The unique feature of such a large event was not a familiar stuffy hall but surrounding Altai Mountains and Teletskoe Lake. It is a big honor for me to open such an event!», - said Ivan Mitrofanov, the Ball’s entertainer and an activist of «Wonderlake» club.

Since the morning till the very evening guests could participate in different activities: ` “driving” a canoe, making a souvenir from stones, launching a kite and taking part in a quiz about WWF. There were also held a canoe championship in the hot afternoon time and regatta.  According to children’s feedback this holiday was really nice: “It was very bright and intense day!”, “We want this Ball to be traditional event!”. However an interesting evening programme was still waiting for them.  

Like in fairytale the meadow was a scene and mounting, lake and sky were like magic decoration with every minute changing colours. Everyone could fill himself like a participant of spectacular. Guests could hear breathtaking sound of saxophone and see the yacht with a red sail in the lake… talking about the cherished dreams, love and faith in miracles.

In the end of the day project coordinator of WWF’s Altai-Sayan Department Elena Repetunova awarded the most active participants. In this day the Nature itself helped organize this unforgettable event!  But who knows may be next year Altyn-Kol will gather friends and partners on this protected banks to share new experience in nature conservation.  

© Svetlana Schigreva