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Poaching remains one of the main threats to the rarest wild cat of the Earth

12 december 2013
Primorsky Province Police has terminated illegal selling of the rare Amur leopard.

According to the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs while investigating the case the staff got a signal stating that in Primorye there is a group dealing with buying and selling of rare species derivates. During the sting operation a Vladivostok citizen was caught red-handed when receiving money for the Amur leopard’s pelt.

A criminal case was opened against the person. He can be sentenced to seven years imprisonment according the new article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

It is sad to admit that leopards’ death still happens in the southwestern Primorye in spite of considerable efforts of nature conservation agencies, organizations and law enforcement authorities. Nowadays, the hunt on leopard is not a prearranged action as it was before. It happens occasionally when hunting game animals. But these facts do not downgrade the significance of the species conservation where each leopard is unique and critical for surviving of the whole population.

Right now WWF experts try to identify which leopard was killed. For this they are conducting a comparative analysis of the killed leopard’s skin pattern with the ones collected over multiyear field project using camera traps in the southwest Primorye and presented in the Atlas.

the Amur leopard
© Shutterstock
Pavel Fomenko and Anastasiya Kirilyuk, WWF experst, are comparing leopards' skins patterns
© Yulia Fomenko / WWF