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Премия рунета 2017

Clean Banks of the Yenisey River in Krasnoyarsk

26 september 2011
Clean Bank Event in Russia is a wide movement - wide event to clean up the banks of the nearby watersheds and call for the conservation of water resources. This September Altai - Sayan Programme of WWF joined the action

Two trucks of waste were collected during the Clean Bank Event organized by WWF and Green Purse Organization in September in Krasnoyarsk City, the location of WWF office in Altai – Sayan. Two kilometers of the Yenisey River bank were cleaned by Green Pursue Programme’s participants (children and adults, business companies and local people living nearby). 154 plastic bags, 2000 glass bottle and 20 kg of metal cans, plastic, paper and metal were delivered for the recycling.

The event was organized in the frames of Green Pursue Recycling Programme headed in Krasnoyarsk by local Green Pursue NGO with WWF support. The Programme is aimed to educate the people in recycling opportunities and resource saving needs.

“We do our best to show that all waste we produce every day can be recycled for new products. Nature remains pure, we get little money and the planet stays clean”, says Tatyana Spozhakina, the Head of Green Pursue NGO.

The staff of the local factory with the trash picked up. Ready for deliviring for recycling
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