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What is streamer and why is it profitable?

04 march 2014
Organized by WWF-Russia, a seminar for long-line fishery managers took place on Kamchatka.

The heads of Polaris Ltd., “YaMSy” CJSC and “Long-line fishing” association took part in the seminar. Al these companies are engaged in long-line fishing in the North Pacific Ocean. 

“Long-line fishing is, probably, a unique type of fishing, which is equitable to the interest of ecologists and fishery managers, - says research scientist of Laboratory of ornithology from Kamchatka branch of Pacific geographical institute Yury Artyukhin. – Deterrent devices - streamers - used on long-line fishing vessels significantly reduce bird by-catch and keep bait safe, reducing fishery manager’s money waste. 

Streamers’ installation is quite simple. Positive effect of its usage is evident and scientifically proved. However some fishery managers stay skeptical... until they see streamers in use. Multiple tests have proved: bird attacks on long-lines are down by maximum 92% when streamers are used. 

“If we want to pass the MSC certification as soon as possible, not making this process last for several years, we must use these simple birdscarers today! – says the head of “Long-line fishery” association Mikhail Zaycev. – I am sure, the presence of streamers and observers on board of fishing vessels will be one of mandatory requirements during certification process.”. 

The MSC certification doesn’t guaranty the product’s quality, neither supposes to stop controlling a company and the way it operates. The certificate proves that a fishery is environmentally sound. However, large foreign retailers refuse to buy uncertified fish. This fact explains the interest, which Russian long-line fisheries display in streamers introduction. 

It must be admitted, that some Russian companies have been using streamers for several years already. Thanks to that, scientists report growth of short-tailed albatross population in the North Pacific. For many years a short-tailed albatross remains endangered species.

© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
streamer line
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak
Y. Artyukhin, research scientist of Laboratory of ornithology, tells fishermen about strengths of streamer line using
© WWF-Russia / Yury Kislyak