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Crane Day in the Year for Amur

24 april 2014
Khingansky Nature Reserve and Bars students’ brigade on nature conservation conducted the Crane Day in Amurskaya Province.

Khingansky Nature Reserve has been celebrating the holiday for more than 20 years already each April. Thus, the Crane Day is regarded a business card of this strictly protected area. In Amurskaya Province of the Russian Far East about 350 bird species nest and winter here as well as migrate across its territory. 30 bird species are included on the Russian Federation Red List of Threatened Species among which rare Oriental stork, white-naped and Manchurian cranes, Mandarina duck etc.

On April 18, the Crane Day was opened with a bright flash-mob where its participants used a bright-blue satin ribbon as a symbol of the dams-free Amur. The kids marched along the village of Arkhara streets holding colorful banners and cheering rhymed slogans in favor of cranes and storks. Flying the kites resembling silhouettes of rare birds was also fun for everybody present.

Crane Day is a holiday both for kids and grownups. This is a good reminder for everyone, not only participants of the event but local people living nearby, about the importance of the Amur River conservation.

Save the cranes!
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