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Kamchatka Wild Salmon: a Brand and a National Treasure

27 february 2010
Kamchatka Youth Government and WWF Russia will jointly take a number of measures to make wild Kamchatka Salmon more popular.

Representatives of the Kamchatka Youth Government, educational institutions and NGOs met together to discuss the ways to promote “Kamchatka Wild Salmon” brand at the Russian and European markets.

In January 2010 European markets closed up for those fisheries producers who are considered environmentally irresponsible. Thus one of the main criteria to establish and develop the new brand should be products compliance to the required ecological standards.

During the meeting WWF representatives confirmed that WWF is willing to support the development of a regional marketing organisation similar to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI); besides the Fund is also willing to support exhibitions and contests for the best products among the Kamchatka fish and seafood producers.

However to promote Kamchatka Salmon brand marketing mechanisms as such are not enough, the experts say. It is necessary to develop an integrated information supply environment that will also primarily help to develop the attitude of Kamchatka people to Salmon as their most precious natural resource and the national treasure.

“Challenges related to environment, food safety, overall security and social guarantees are currently part of the larger issues related to secured quality of human living standards and consumption demands. Successful branding now means that the product is not only appealing in the way it looks, labelled and follows corporate logo requirements, but also the people around the product and their culture and behaviour are complementary”, - said Anatoly Dekshtein, Marine Programme Coordinator of Kamchatka / Bering Sea WWF Ecoregional Branch.

One of the measures to help form positive perception of Salmon by the Kamchatka people will be the construction of a set of flags masts in the centre of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatksy where are the species of salmons will be depicted on one flag each. “During the fishing season those flags with the species that are moving now to spawning sites will be raised”, - told Vladimir Murzak, Head of Kamchatka Youth Government Working Group on Environment and the Use of Natural Resources.