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Dzeren number grow in Dauriya

03 october 2011
Efforts on restoration of the Mongolian gazelle, the only in Russia Siberian antelope, have been rewarded: the population has increased by 500 animals compared to the last year.

The project is being supported by WWF-Russia and by UNDP/GEF.

“This September field survey indicates there are 3600-3800 Mongolian gazelles alive in Ononsky, Borzinsky and Zabaikailsky districts, the main dzeren habitat in Zabaikailsky Province, - comments Vadim Kirilyuk, deputy head of Daursky Nature Reserve.

Dzeren number survey is being done by Daursky Reserve staff since 1994. They do it thoroughly using the most effective for steppes method – continuous survey. By cars experienced men reach every hill and valley registering every encountered antelope.

All-the-year round monitoring over dzeren movement, good knowledge of “their lifestyle”, two or three times a year surveys allow to get reliable data.

“Unlike last year, when 6-8 out of 10 calves died of severe heat in late June this year the increase was good. Almost all females preserved their offspring”, - says Vadim Kirilyuk. – The program run by Daursky Reserve on dzeren restoration in Zabaikalye is in progress.”

Creation of a federal refuge The Valley of Dzeren will ensure protection of the antelope outside the Reserve lands. Right now all interested parties expect for the Russian Government to issue the relevant decree.