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Expedition to Badzhalsky Nature Refuge will help its conservation and research

05 august 2013
Staff and volunteers of Komsomolsky Nature Reserve as well as students of Nizhne-Amurskaya nature protection brigade (in Russian called druzhina) took part in the unique expedition to Badzhalsky Nature Refuge. The expedition was conducted with WWF’s help.

They have gathered a large collection of high-altitude plant species and have taken pictures and footage on the Refuge’s nature.  

«Komsomolsky Nature Reserve responsible for protection of the Refuge should know the real situation on this vast territory, comments Svetlana Titova, protected areas project coordinator at WWF Russia Amur branch. Therefore, WWF has helped to organize the expedition. Otherwise, it is pretty difficult to define what flora and fauna species remain here. Results of the expedition have got us inspired – the area is rich in animals; it is remote and hardly reachable. Furtherresearchandprotectioneffortsareneeded”.

The Reserve’s staff plans to study the plant cover of the Refuge and conduct flora inventory. They have also scheduled the erection of a module ranger station in the northern part of the Refuge in the lowest reaches of the Badzhal River as it suffers the most anthropogenic press due to proximity of the railroad, highway, power transmission line poles, and poachers.