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The documentary “Bikin keepers” has got an approval from its main heroes

13 april 2010
The “Bikin keepers” documentary created by “Zov Taigi” Nature Conservation Center at the request of WWF was presented in the village of Krasny Yar of Primorsky province

The scene of action is Bikin river. Main heroes are the local people of Krasny Yar – Udege and Nanai. WWF is running two projects in Bikin river basin. One of them is aimed at recovering the traditional lifestyle of indigenous people. Another one has its goal to preserve the forests of Bikin river basin from logging.

Bikin river valley – is the largest nut harvesting zone in the Russian Far East – 450 thousand hectares. Intact forest resources ensure good conditions for ungulates – roe deer, red deer and wild boar. This is the proof that Amur tiger feels at ease here. Saving Bikin, preventing it from intense economic development will guarantee that 25-30 Amur tigers will be secured with safe home.

“Judging by the silence in the hall we realize that the film has created its impression on the audience out of local Udege and Nanai people. It’s always exciting to get a sight of oneself from the side and realize that millions of people all over the world are concerned about preserving your little motherland together with you, that the river flowing near your house is an etalon of a virgin nature, and you are in charge of its future. Because the main role in Bikin conservation belongs to local people.” - comments Svetlana Titova, the coordinator of projects on protected areas of WWF-Russia Amur branch.